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Pregnancy stretch marks: How to get rid of them.

Pregnancy strecht marks are common during the gestation process. Some women may experience deep and dark stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Other women may only notice small marks. While it changes for each person, every woman can use different preventative steps and treatment options to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks can result during pregnancy or even in people who are not pregnant. Stretch marks are a specific type of scar on the skin. They look like indented streaks that form on your skin. They may start off as raised streaks or begin as indented ones. Oftentimes, stretch marks can be itchy.

How are stretch marks caused?

Stretch marks result when your skin stretches or shrinks quickly. This can be from losing or gaining weight within a short period of time. Pregnancy stretch marks are very common because women tend to gain weight very quickly to support a growing child.

Stretch marks can appear in any area of your body where you gain or lose weight quickly. The most common body parts to show stretch marks include the stomach, butt, breasts, and legs. When you are pregnant, the body part that changes the most is often the stomach, but all other body parts are sure to get larger as well. This results in a very large percentage of women noticing stretch marks during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy stretch marks can show up both before and after pregnancy because your body quickly gains weight during pregnancy and often losses weight after the baby is born.

One of the main hormones produced by your body is cortisone. When your body produces too much cortisone, it can actually reduce the elasticity of your skin. Therefore, when people have levels of cortisone that are above the normal limits, they may be more prone to developing stretch marks.This is why you may also get them if you have certain conditions, like Cushing´s syndrome or Marfan syndrome.

How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks?

While stretch marks are a permanent part of your body, the scars themself can change drastically if they are taken care of daily. Pregnancy stretch marks will fade naturally after the baby is born, but to help reduce their appearance there are some things you can do.

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, one of the main things you can do is to use daily lotions and creams. Try using natural creams and lotions that are good for your skins' overall health. It is important to apply them daily and multiple times a day to help keep your skin hydrated. The more hydrated your skin is, the quicker it will heal itself.

Try to apply lotion twice during the day and once at night for the first few months after the baby is born. This stage after giving birth is challenging. Your body is changing drastically and you are often stressed and deprived of sleep. Keeping your skin moist and hydrated will help it go back to your pre-pregnancy state without causing severe stretch marks.

Preventing during pregnancy

While it is almost impossible to prevent stretch marks caused from pregnancy, there are many things you can do to help minimize the risk and overall appearance of stretch marks. One of the best ways to reduce it is to apply lotion to your skin daily, as soon as you know you are pregnant. Implementing a daily skin hydration routine will help ensure that your skin is hydrated and able to stretch without scaring.

Applying lotion each day and night can help improve the overall elasticity of your skin. This is ideal for bodies that are changing drastically in only nine months. Try applying the lotion to all areas of your body, especially the stomach.

Some research, Published online 2013, has shown that stretch marks are hereditary. Therefore, many women stretch the same way that their mothers did. You may want to ask your mother how her skin got stretched and how she applied lotion to the areas where she noticed stretch marks. Applying cream on those areas can save you from experiencing itchy and scarred skin during and after pregnancy.

A pregnant woman applies moisturizer to her belly to prevent pregnancy strech marks.

Some of the best ingredients to look for in a cream to help get rid of or prevent pregnancy stretch marks are cocoa butter, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, or tretinonin. These creams help the production of collagen and therefore contribute to improving the elasticity of the skin.They will also reduce the appearance of stretch marks, making your skin less itchy and making her feel so much softer.

Having a child is a wonderful experience and stretch marks are often just a sign of becoming a mother. While they may not be ideal, they are able to be covered up. Using lotions and creams will definitely help to reduce the appearance.

Our cream for stretch marks in pregnancy is one of the best you can get. It is made with natural ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated. Applying this cream to will help tighten your skin and reduce the overall appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

The ideal is to apply this cream before and after pregnancy. It is best to apply this cream during and after pregnancy, multiple times a day. If you ever notice your skin starting to feel itchy, apply this cream to help cool and provide immediate relief. Try it today following our advice and enjoy a more hydrated skin.

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